Project Management and Technical Work for Satellite Systems and Terrestrial Radio Systems since 1994

National (governmental) satellite projects since 1994:

  • Capture and specification of functional requirements, system architectures and link design / link budgets
  • Satellite system procurement support and project management support since 1997

    • Feasibility studies, requirements capture and RFI process

    • RFP process including specifications for end-to-end system performance, payload and ground segment

    • Offer evaluation, contractual negotiations support

    • Preliminary and critical design phases incl. design reviews (PDR, CDR), technical studies, mainly regarding interactions with link design and payload / ground stations design

  • Monitoring the design phase and Assembly Integration and Test (AIT) phase of the space segment including all system reviews and ground test activities as well as supporting IOT and commissioning of operations;

  • Complete frequency coordination for GSO and NGSO systems including all aspects like API and CR/C filings, coordination work / negotiations and Notifications continuously since 1994;

  • Interaction between frequency coordination and system design, link planning, operation payload management;


International satellite projects since 1997:

  • Several satellite communications (procurement) projects in the Middle East Region:
    • Market and Feasibility studies
    • Specifications for system / link performance and satellite payload
    • Specifications for ground systems (user and control)
    • RFI and RFP processes including offer evaluations and contract negotiations support
    • Monitoring of design and AIT phase for satellite payloads as well as ground segment including satellite ground terminals procurement, design, test and accpetance tests, network and payload management, end-to-end performances
    • Payload management design and review, modem specific analyses
  • Frequency coordination and spectrum analyses for satellite systems in Middle East and North / South America including filings, coordination work / negotiations


International frequency management and standardisation work since 2000:

  • Working groups of ITU-R and CEPT for specific sharing cases between satellite systems and with terrestrial radio services
  • Performance and sharing analyses, contributions for CEPT and ITU study groups (e. g. UAV and IoT systems)
  • ITU-R WRC participations
  • ICAO / RPASP standardisation work for design and operation of UAV over satellite 


Teleport operations for 4 years:

  • Technical Teleport manager
  • Design, installation and assembling of its infrastructure (Antennas and Indoor-Unit Equipment)
  • Customer care, link planning and commissioning, 24/7 operations support


Technology research and market studies since 1997:

  • For national satellite systems regarding waveforms, broadband signal transmissions
  • For international projects regarding system architectures and business cases
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