Consultancy and Training Services            

End-to-End Communications system definitions

  • Link budget calculations and radio link design
  • Capacity analyses and estimations
  • Sharing and interference analyses

Customer support in

  • Preparation and judgment of system / subsystem reviews
  • Ad-hoc support by means of technical notes, meeting preparations / participations, reviews and expert reports


SATCOM R&D Studies and technology development

Training and Seminars

  • Satellite communications and system / link design
  • System procurement and satellite systems
  • Frequency coordination

Satellite System Engineering       

Satellite system performance definitions

based on business cases and/or operational requirements;


Transmission link design and optimization;


Development of system architectures in ineraction with the capture / definition of operational requirements


Definition of payload design, ground stations design;


Derivation of the best suited waveforms, frequency plans;


Definition of Payload management / transmission planning functions

Procurement and Project Management Support

Best performance for the invested money!


Customer support for the Programme planning and execution

  • Elaboration / Derivation of operational and functional requirements
  • Identification of system, technology and price drivers as well as critical paths
  • Support of the complete RFP phase and derivation of system specifications
  • Programmatic and technical concepts as well as system architectures
  • Support of contract negotiations
  • Monitoring the design phases and AIT phases of satellite payloads and ground segment
  • Support of In-orbit tests and commencement of the system operation

Frequency Coordination / Spectrum Management

Frequency coordination of terrestrial and satellite based radio systems:

  • Filing architectures,
  • API, CR/C, NOT filings
  • Complete coordination process including negotiations until Notification

Link budget and interference calculations - interactions with the system design and system operations

Interference mitigations / minimizing strategies and technical proposals

International correspondence and negotiations

EMC between radio systems as well as between radio and wire based systems


National and international frequency management work:

  • National working groups
  • CEPT working / engineering groups
  • ITU-R study groups


Bridging to system design and operational system deployments!

Something of interest for you? Just call or email me or have a look into my book on frequency coordination.

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